This is the perfect service if you need an injection of new design ideas and get guided design help! 

In two hours you'll get answers to your most nagging design dilemmas and questions. You will improve furniture placement, space usage, review existing furniture, select paint colors & room colorways, discuss new product suggestions and so much more!

2 hour In House Design consultation with interior designer Jill Sorensen.

You can view the portfolio and read testimonials here JILL SORENSEN


NOTE: In House Design Consultations are only unfortunately only available to residents of Los Angeles and vicinity. Appointments are also available if you live in New York and Washington DC a few times a year.


After confirmation of payment, we will contact you for scheduling. Expect to be on the calendar within 2-4 weeks.

Questions? We are happy to answer any that you have. E-mail

$495.00 X

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